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Welcome to Woodhome Pre-K

Selecting the best preschool program for your child is an important process. Besides a safe, healthy and happy experience, you want a setting where your child can thrive, experience, learn and grow. Your family needs to feel welcome to visit or call anytime during the day.

Our mission is to provide an effective early childhood education program which will strengthen all aspects of the development of three and four year old children.

The pre-K curriculum goals and objectives are based on the belief that the child's early years are a particularly potent time in the formation of habits, attitudes, and intellectual competencies. A balanced curriculum emphasizing both academic achievement and social development is crucial. It is important that instruction includes experiences that will assist the child in the process of becoming aware of his/her senses as tools that aid learning. The curriculum materials offer each child concrete experiences necessary for cognitive psychomotor and affective/motivation development, the development in the areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies.




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